As many of you will perhaps know, I am already a well-established author with over 50 dog books published in hardback, many of them also with editions in different languages. So my name as a canine author is well-known throughout the world and many of you, especially the breeders and exhibitors amongst you, I know personally.

In these days of internet technology, EBooks are an easily accessible way of obtaining information quickly, and at low cost. In offering you EBooks I am able to share my knowledge, gained over decades, with fellow dog lovers throughout the world. In an EBook there is no weight, and therefore no high postage cost, and with no printing fees costs can be kept to a minimum, so it is a ‘win win’ situation for all of us.


The first five EBooks I am offering in 'A Dog Expert's Guide' series are  the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, the Lhasa Apso, the Shih Tzu, the Tibetan Terrier and, most recently, the Tibetan Mastiff. They will be ideal for any enthusiast of these breeds, especially those who have just bought their first puppy, or are thinking of doing so.

There will be many more breeds covered in this series, and I have lots of ideas for other EBooks, so watch this space.

A more recent issue is 'The Flip Side of Nepal', not a dog book, but given the life I lead here in Nepal, dogs and Tibetan people are, of course, included.


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You will receive the full book via email as a 'Flip Book', which will come to you as a zip file, so it may not feel like a real book, but it will certainly look like one!  (When downloaded, just right click, then click 'Extract All' and you can read your book.)

If you prefer your EBook in PDF format, please just make a note in the message box when you order.

NEW    An Expert's Guide to the Tibetan Mastiff




NEW The Flip Side of Nepal - Part 1

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